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Melbourne to Port Douglas

It’s been over two months since I moved to Port Douglas, and I still can’t believe how quickly time has flown past. I was rather hesitant to move up here at first, as Melbourne had grown on me over the past six months. But alas, if I wanted to extend my visa for another year, I had no choice but to head north and find regional work. Which is how I found myself in the little gem that is Port Douglas.


Parting with the sun, Anzac Park, Port Douglas

Warming up to this sleepy and tiny beach town only took me a handful of days. Coming from a city of over 5 million people to a mere 3,500 definitely took a bit of adjusting to though. As much as I wasn’t fond of running into the same people with every passing day, I’ve begun to embrace it. Knowing I can step out of my house to watch the sunset and always run into someone I know to share the experience with is quite comforting. It makes me feel all the more connected to my surroundings and less alone.


Blue Hole, Cape Tribulation, Queensland. This is a sacred space owned by the Kuku Yalanji Aboriginal people that’s been used as a birthing place, and is reserved for women only.

Aside from being immersed in the outdoors, there isn’t much else to do in Port Douglas. Not to say that I ever feel as though I’m lacking in entertainment. Being surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef, lush ancient rain forests, and some of the most pristine (and oftentimes deserted) beaches I’ve ever seen is definitely enough to keep me occupied at any given hour.

As much as I enjoy living in city has to offer, every now and then I find myself drained by all there is to constantly absorb. The idea of always being on the go and crossing things off a to-do list equating to productivity/success becomes so deeply ingrained that I’d sometimes find myself feeling guilty for ever wanting to slow down. Being so deeply immersed by the stillness of nature here has allowed me to work on that daily. It’s inspired more time for self reflection and time to focus on the things that I value most: waking up for sunrises and hikes, taking care of my body, cooking, reading, photographing, and creating deep connections with people that I admire.


All smiles out on the Great Barrier Reef, where I got to volunteer for a day’s work in exchange for free snorkeling.

In a month’s time, I’ll be saying farewell to this enchanting little town and wholeheartedly welcoming the next part of my journey: India & back to Melbourne! The thought of departing Port Douglas already brings about a bittersweet feeling, as I’ve made connections with so many wonderful and inspiring people that have become like family to me. Thankfully, being surrounded by fellow travelers that are constantly coming and going has helped me practice non-attachment. Appreciating the limited time that we spend together makes everything just a little bit more special anyway.

It’s been quite effortless to maintain a state peace in a place of such awe-inspiring beauty, as there really isn’t much to ever complain about. One thing I hope to gain from my experience here is the ability to bring about that sense of peace while living among a bit more chaos.


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