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The Importance of Being in a Healthy Relationship with Yourself

As comfortable as I am with my own company, I’d be lying if I said I haven’t placed a lot of energy into the romantic relationships I’ve been in over the past few years. I definitely enjoy being in relationships, but it can be easy to lose sight of myself sometimes when I spend too much time with someone else.
I also feel that often times, I and many other people that I know, settle for relationships that are not doing us any good. Whether we believe we don’t deserve something better or the comfort keeps us immobile, it’s important to evaluate why we continue to stay in a place that may feel stagnant.
This year, I began to acknowledge the fact that allowing myself the freedom to be on my own is such a vital step in my growing process. Re-establishing a relationship with myself, one in which my priorities are number one is crucial. It’d been years since I’d given myself that freedom, and I was yearning for it once more. So after a few emotionally challenging months, I decided to finally listen to my intuition. Saying farewell to a relationship that was no longer serving my highest good, and allowing new doors to open.
Having the freedom to travel on my own, to do as I please, and to allow myself to be open to new people and experiences is a real privilege. I feel lighter than I’ve ever felt, and I am looking forward to putting myself first from now on.


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