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Why I Moved to Australia

I still wake up some mornings and have to take a moment to acknowledge that I’m literally living on the opposite side of the planet, a long way from everything I once knew. I vividly remember the day, nearly four years ago, in which I found out that moving to Australia was a feasible option, and I knew I’d wholeheartedly regret not having jumped on the opportunity. With that thought in mind, I began saving as much as possible, and cutting back on buying things I no longer deemed as necessary. There’s only so many personal items you carry with you around the world.


Grampians National Park, Victoria

Whenever I was asked why I wanted to move, my simple response was well… why not? I’m young, healthy, have very little tying me down, and have the opportunity to explore another part of this beautiful planet we call home. Not that you should let any of those factors deter you from seeking out your own adventure. Even if you’re not young, or maybe you do have certain responsibilities to attend to, there’s certainly always a way to travel.


Me & my bed head at MacKenzie Falls, Grampians National Park

The older I get, the more I realize that we place very little emphasis on taking time solely to ourselves. To travel, to learn, to gain valuable life experiences that a classroom can’t provide, and to strip ourselves away from the comfort of our homes/ our habitual routines. Between graduating from university, getting a good job, buying a home, and eventually settling down, time tends to fly by us in a glimpse. We end up only wishing that we’d taken the opportunity to do the things we once dreamt of, but instead saved for later. For when the time would be “right.” But there really isn’t a time in which everything in life will be “just right.”


 I know that not everyone has the privilege or the opportunity to just drop everything they’re doing to jet set around globe, but you don’t necessarily need to do that. My main motivation for such a big move was more-so driven by my need to push myself out as far out of my comfort zone as possible and go out to do something I’ve always dreamt of doing. Now that may look completely different for each and every one of us, but I hope this will inspire you to ask yourself when was the last time you pushed yourself to do something that excites you, scares you, and pushes you into the unknown? And if you can’t remember, maybe it’s time to try it again.

Though I’ve lost count of the amount of setbacks I faced along the way, setbacks I believed would deter me from ever embarking on this marvelous journey I’m on, I’m grateful for each and every one of them now because they’ve lead me here.


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