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How to enjoy 24 hours in Lisbon

On my way to England back in February, I had the chance to stop-over in Lisbon for a little over 24 hours, while flying with TAP Airlines. I’d never been to Portugal before, and thought it’d be a great first introduction to the vibrant country.

One of my favorite things to do when visiting a new city by myself is to just wander aimlessly and absorb my surroundings. It feels ridiculously therapeutic for me to be able to roam in a foreign place where everything feels so new, and where no one knows who I am. Having arrived at 5 a.m. that Saturday morning, I was offered the perfect opportunity to enjoy the quiet empty streets at sunrise. After munching down on breakfast at the hostel I’d reserved for that night, I put my earphones on and was on my merry way. 


Within half an hours walk, I could understand why so many people spoke so highly of Lisbon. Between the friendly locals, radiant plant-filled balconies, charming cobblestone streets, and outdoor seated cafes, it’s ridiculously easy to fall in love with the city. Apart from that, Lisbon’s also home to a phenomenal art scene and a breathtaking coast line.

  •                Wander and simply admire the beautiful scenery + architecture


  • Go for a tram ride on route 28 (unless you’re keen on hiking up & downhill all day, then by all means my friend, work out them glutes). Though despite being a huge tourist attraction, the tram has a lovely old-time feel!
  • Check out one of the dozens of museums the city has to offerFrom museums offering ancient art to contemporary, costume to theatre, archaeology to electricity, you’re bound to find something for you. 
  • Stop for lunch at the Time Out’s Mercado da Ribeira, one of Lisbon’s top food-halls. The market offers something for everyone, with over 24 restaurants ranging in various cuisines: seafood, sushi, pizza, and more. As well as plenty of bars and shops! 
  • Enjoy the sunset at the Ribeira das Naus
  • Explore the local vegan scene! Lisbon has a great selection of vegan/vegeterian restaurants. I happily stumbled upon the popular Ao 26 Vegan Food Project, which did not disappoint! Hands down one of the yummiest burgers I’d had in a while.


A day definitely didn’t feel like enough to fully absorb all that the city has to offer, but it certainly was a nice taster. Looking forward to the day that I can return & take a drive down the coast!


Admiring the sunset near the Ribeira das Naus


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